It's Official...Toddlerhood.

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I think it's official...we have a toddler. 
I hate to say that, because he will always be my little baby Landon (yes, I'm that mother). 

Over the past week, Landon has been doing so many new things! As you know, our little man has been taking steps here and there for a while. Well, within the past week, Landon has decided that crawling is apparently not the most efficient way to get around. The kid is walking everywhere. We are loving this stage (even though we know that running and climbing are not too far now!). He looks SO cute, because he is still working on his balance (as you can see in the video below). He really stomps when he walks and sticks out his cute diaper butt. AHHHHHH, we just can't get enough!


On the talking front, Landon is babbling non-stop! His newest word that he's added to his vocabulary is banana. The kid LOVES bananas. If he sees one, he goes nuts and wants to eat it all (...and does). If you say the word, he won't stop saying it until you let him eat a banana. At least we're passing along our healthy values to him!

Regarding his teething, Landon's second tooth has come in! Little man is on his way to a mouth full of teeth! He has been a little cranky and sick as a result, but you can tell he's still trying to be his normal, smiley self! 

Since Landon was a wee little baby, Chris and I have always tried to "animate" what we are doing when we're with Landon. For example, when we change his diaper, we explain what action we're doing. It could be something like, "Okay Landon, now we are going to take off your diaper. Now it's time to put a new diaper on. Let's get dressed. I need your legs so I can put on your pants." Stuff like that. Well, apparently Landon has been listening this whole time...who knew? He is understanding different questions we ask him. Example:  Recently, Landon was sitting on his changing pad and I needed to get him undressed for his bath. I said, "Landon, please stand up." Wouldn't you have it...he stood right up (I was soooo excited, but tried to contain it so I didn't freak him out!). Then I said, "Good boy, Landon! Okay, lift up your arms." Landon then lifted his arms in the air (eeekkkk, I was so excited). I took off his shirt, then took off his bottoms. Next I said, "What a good boy, Landon! Can you please sit down?" He sat down immediately on his changing pad, started smiling like crazy and then clapped for himself. This was one very proud momma!

Well, that's it from this chick today. I hope you all have a great weekend! We have a gender reveal party to attend tonight for two of our best friends. We can't wait!

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  1. he is such a cutie! I love their stomp-walks when they really get going... and the heavy breathing that accompanies it!
    I LOVE how much they learn as they go. I don't think I'll ever underestimate Keelin again!


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