{Trendy Tot Tuesday}

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be co-hosting the Trendy Tot Tuesday link-up this week with Mrs. In Training, Table For Three, and Baby Mama Drama.

Since Chris and I did not find out the gender of our baby before I delivered, we stocked up on a lot of gender-neutral outfits for our little bundle to wear until we went shopping for gender-specific clothing. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favorite gender-neutral outfits this week! Not only was it fun to not find out the gender during our pregnancy, but it is very nice that we now have a lot of clothes to welcome Baby Askey #2 into the world (whenever that happens!). 

Looking cute and smiley in his teddy bears. 

Napping in his ducks.

Playtime in duckies.

Napping in his green sleeper with froggies.

Hanging out with Auntie Riles in his bears.

This week's Trendy Tot of the Week is Hudson! 


  1. So impressive tat you guys waited!! Newest follower!!

  2. Cute! I always found out ahead of time! I am amazed by the people who can wait lol. I had a closet full of dresses and headbands etc. washed and hung just waiting from about 21 weeks on haha ;-) (I will say my practical side kicked in on big baby items, so I was smart enough to get the swing/stroller/etc. gender nuetral! hehe)

  3. We didn't find out with any of our kids, either. We had plenty of gender neutral stretchies to pass down! We're on baby #4 now, and we're not planning on finding out again!

  4. I could never not know the gender, so you go girl! They have super cute gender neutral stuff out these days, I just went to a shower a few weeks ago for one of my girlfriends who doesn't know what she's having, and I was amazed! Definitely smart if you plan on having another one. If we ever do, let's hope we have another girl, because EVERYTHING we own is pink! Newest followed from the link up! :o)

  5. I have no idea how you didn't go crazy wondering what baby would be! I would have lost my mind, but that said I admire it so much, I would love to think someday I would let it be a surprise. Love all the gender neutral gear :)


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